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Hi there, my name is Janaka. I'm a full-stack web developer currently living in Melbourne, Australia. I am passionate about building beautiful, interactive web applications with the best user experience. Besides the web, I'm interested in new technologies and DIY activities, mainly 3D printing and CNC-related projects.

I was born in Sri Lanka and moved to Melbourne in 2022. I earned my bachelor's degree in Chemical and Process Engineering. After graduation, I worked as a chemical engineer in the sugar manufacturing industry, where I held an executive role focused on workforce management and decision-making.

During the pandemic, I started learning to code with Java and then followed the online CS50 course at Harvard University. After moving to Melbourne, I joined Le Wagon coding bootcamp to broaden my skills. After working as a freelance web developer for one year, I decided to do my master's in Business Information Systems at Torrens University Australia to fill gaps in my business, project management and IT skills.

I primarily use Ruby on Rails for building full-stack web applications and React/Redux or vanilla JavaScript for front-end development. If you plan to build a web application, collaborate on something cool, or want to say hi, shoot me a message. Let's work together!








          • Torrens University Australia

            Master of Business Information Systems

            2024 Feb - Present

            • Just started.
          • Le Wagon - Melbourne

            Web Development Bootcamp

            2022 Oct - 2022 Dec

            • Attended full-stack web development bootcamp in Melbourne (Batch #1044).
            • It was an 11-week intensive coding bootcamp learning a complete set of technical skills required for a full-stack developer based on Ruby on Rails framework along with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Git, Heroku and more.
          • University of Peradeniya

            BSc Engineering (Hons)

            2013 March - 2017 Dec

            • Specialised in Chemical & Process Engineering.
            • Gained a broad knowledge of many engineering disciplines including electrical & electronic, mechanical, computer, civil and manufacturing engineering.
            • Conducted highly successful research in biogas production using sugar industry waste. (The research impressed the CEO and board of directors of Lanka Sugar Company, who offered me my first job as a fresh graduate.).


          Screenshot of My Cash Flow dashboard page

          My Cash Flow

          Personal finance tracking application.

          Analyse your financial transactions to determine how you have spent money and your earnings. You can add multiple bank accounts and add transactions associated with each. Most importantly, you can import bulk transactions at once from a CSV file. You can see a summary of your financial activities from the dashboard section.

          • Ruby on Rails
          • Tabler UI
          • PostgreSQL
          • Stimulus
          • Apexcharts
          Screenshot of my personal portfolio website

          My Portfolio Website

          My first personal portfolio website.

          This is the first version of my portfolio website. I created it using just HTML5, SCSS, and some JavaScript. All components and sections were designed and developed from scratch with plain HTML and CSS. My main goal was to build a fully responsive, accessible and high-performance website. Below is a screenshot of the Google PageSpeed Insights of this website.

          PageSpeed Insights of the portfolio website.
          • HTML5
          • SCSS
          • JavaScript
          • Vite.js
          • PostCSS
          Screenshot of invoice protal web app

          Customer Invoice Portal

          Invoice generator for a software retailer.

          Christy Software sells software licenses on the Sellix e-commerce platform, and this app was developed to let their customers get an invoice for all purchase activities for a given period.

          • JavaScript
          • Bootstrap
          • SCSS
          • Fetch API
          • Tagify
          • jsPDF
          Screenshot of Astrolog website


          A social platform for space enthusiasts, along with a built-in community.

          This is a full-stack Ruby on Rails app developed as the final project at Le Wagon coding bootcamp with a team of 3 members in 2 weeks.

          • Ruby on Rails
          • PostgreSQL
          • Bootstrap
          • SCSS
          • Cloudinary
          • RESTful APIs

          Let me know if you're interested in working together or just say hello to me.